About IETE

IETE is a professional society in India that promotes science and technology in electronics, telecommunications, and IT. It is recognized as a SIRO by the Indian government and an eminent educational institution. IETE organizes events, publishes journals, provides education and career opportunities, and focuses on human resource development in engineering and technical fields.


IETE-DBIT-ISF is a student chapter at DBIT, Mumbai, fostering practical learning in electronics and telecommunications through workshops, events, and competitions.

Our Vision & Mission

To inspire excellence & innovation in all fields, and to empower students through knowledge, skills, growth opportunities, and fostering a learning environment.

Our Motto

We believe in the our motto which is, "For the students, by the students". Thus, we welcome every individual with open arms who have willingness towards learning.

Our Team

The core team works collaboratively to create a vibrant and engaging environment for club members, promoting growth, learning, and camaraderie.

Take a look at our events which were held in first half of 2023

Here's a gist of all the events and workshops that were conducted by IETE-DBIT-ISF in the EVEN semester of the academic year 2022-2023.


"Gear up for an exhilarating Robowars workshop, where you'll learn to design, build, and battle your own combat robots. Gain hands-on experience in mechanics, electronics, and strategy while unleashing your competitive spirit in thrilling robot combat challenges."

IP Networking Session

"Join our IP networking session to delve into the world of internet protocols, network configurations, and routing. Enhance your understanding of how data travels across networks and gain practical knowledge to troubleshoot and optimize network performance."

Talk Industry Insights : Project to Product

"Attend our project to product development seminar and gain valuable insights into the process of transforming innovative ideas into successful market-ready products. Learn essential strategies to help you in your journey."

Oscillations 2k23

"IETE-DBIT-ISF held an event on Technical Paper under ‘Oscillations 2023’. Speaker for the event was Dr.Sudhakar Mande who highlighted the importance and benefits of writing a technical paper and guided us with the format of technical paper." Important session as these skills are essential in modern era!

HAM Radio

"Engage in an exciting HAM radio workshop, where you'll learn the fundamentals of amateur radio communication, explore its practical applications, and gain hands-on experience operating radio equipment and that too from renowned experts themselves! , i.e none other than TEAM MARI."

Ice Breaker for 1st year students

"Break the ice with fun and interactive activities designed to help first-year students connect, make new friends, and feel welcomed in their college journey." A session where the students were given a platform to expose themselves to all the good things IETE-DBIT offers!.