Industrial Visit to Indian Institute of Geomagnetisim, Panvel.
Students visited Indian Institute of Geomagnetisim (IIG) and were given two technical talk on "Geodesy and GPS" and "Data collection and analysis done at IIG". The students were made to visit three labs Geodesy, Environment studies and Instrumentation Lab respectively where the students were shown the different instruments used for data analysis.
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Workshop on "FUN WITH FM"
The objective of the workshop was to develop a FM Transmitter using simple components such as transistors and LC circuit. The session started off with explaining the basics of modulation, its types, why FM is used, basics of LC circuit. After theory session, students mounted the circuit on breadboard and after testing and debugging, the LC circuit was tuned to a particular FM channel, where the participants were able to listen to music or audio files played from their cell phone.

Workshop on "Arduino"
The objective of the workshop is to make students learn a new open-source project that can create microcontroller based kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control physical devices. The session started off with the explanation of basic comparison of Microprocessor and Microconrtroller. Concepts of ADC, Sampling, Quantization, PWM and Board specifications where explained. In the practical session, LED Blinking, PWM, Interfacing of IR Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Relay and Bluetooth Sensor with coding was covered.
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Workshop and Competition on "Line Follower"
Day 1: The objective of the workshop is to make students learn how to use a new open-source project for creating a Arduino based Line Follower Robot. The session started off with the explanation of basics of components and its various interconnections. After the theory, the participants assembled the bot. Once the bot was ready, coding was explained in detail. After coding participants tried to move their bot on the track. After several trials of testing and debugging, the bot made by the participants was ready for the competition.
Day 2: The competition was held where the main criteria for all rounds was TIME. All 14 groups tried running their bot in Round 1. The groups taking lesser time and lesser no of trials were qualified for the next round. For round 2, only 3 groups got qualified. From those 3 groups, the winners were selected.

Workshop on "Python"
The objective of the workshop is to make students learn Python which is a widely used high level programming language. The advantage of learning python over other high level languages are its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of codes than possible in languages such as C++ and Java.The session started off with basics of different types of languages, history of python language, advantages of python and later on coding aspects of python was explained.
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Workshop on "Raspberry Pi: Basics, GPIO Interfacing and IOT"

The objective of the workshop are to learn the basics of Python programming, to Program the GPIO pins of R-Pi for device status & control, to perform various Digital & Analog controls via R-Pi and to use the R-Pi on the internet as a web server. The outcome of the workshop was after successful completion of the workshop, the participants were versed in running Raspberry Pi using the Python language and use it for various applications such as device control/device status & using the R-Pifor Data logging & recording using Internet of Things.