ROBOWARS Chapter#1 SUMO WRESTLE WORKSHOP: An IOT-ROBOT building workshop and competition.
Following contents were covered in the workshop: Hardware overview of Arduino NANO Module, Installation of Arduino IDE Software in laptops, Programming of module in Arduino IDE, Introduction to Ultrasonic & IR sensors, Device Control on Bluetooth, Motor Drivers and their controlling Speed.
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Circuit Simulation and PCB Designing
Following contents were covered in the workshop: Introduction to Proteus ISIS environment, Briefing of the ISIS environment, ISIS modes in Proteus, Building of circuits using component mode, Simulation of circuits, What is a PCB, Introduction to Eagle, Creating layout of circuits, Converting of the layout to board placing components, auto-routing, Checking for errors and correcting them, Printing of this layout on a PCB board, Etching, Drilling and Soldering.
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The problem statement was given to the participants in which S.E students had designing and implementation using basic electronic hardware components and T.E. students had designing and implementation/ simulation using microcontrollers. The time limit for the competition was 2 hours. The participants were also provided with the data sheet of all the components required for designing and implementation. The SE participants had to first get their circuits corrected and then provided with the required components for implementing it. The winners of the competition were felicitated and rewarded with prize money and certificates.
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